To The Point

On my excursion to Auckland I met the very talented Emma Thomsen who's working in Silverpoint on board, of which I had never seen before.  We were all fascinated by her work and intrigued by the technique. I had forgotten all about this until I got to Gordon Harris in Wellington so now I have got the pen and ground, I cant wait to give it a go. 
I also found some liquid pencil im intrigued. 
If your in Auckland take a trip to 

The Depot in Devonport
28 Clarence Street.
22 Oct 2011 - 3 Nov 2011  
Emma Thomsen: Nonlinear Complications

Emma Thomsen’s new work explores both the passivity and power of interacting with the landscape. Working in silverpoint on board, the works are renderings of ‘sods’ (from the earth) transformed by movement and new growth.