Auckland Art Fair - New Zealand's premier contemporary art event

Auckland Art Fair - New Zealand's premier contemporary art event

Were all off to have fun at the Auckland Art Fair next week, When I say we I mean myself and my wonderful Artistic friends Kirsty, Jenness, and Fiona. Were staying at the Grand and cant wait to see some fantastic art works. Auckland Art Fair 2011 will present 40 galleries from throughout New Zealand and Australia, featuring works by the region’s most sought after artists. 

Lucky Dip, Present Box

I have made a few present boxes over the years, At Christmas time I once made each family member one, they were very popular, like your own personal cracker and looked amazing all piled up under the tree.

I  think of them as a Lucky Dip box, with a forcefield (the tinfoil) which you break through to gain access to the goodies inside.

This one I made for a lovely friend who gave me her old iphone as she was upgrading I am completely blown away by her generosity as Im sure she could have given it to number of others or even sold it,  So Thank You Leeane.

Heres how I made Leeane's Lucky Dip Box.

first of all you need a box any box will do I chose a shoe box for this project but bananna boxes are fantastic for larger items as they already have the hole in the top.

you also need something to stuff inside paper waste, or here I have used packing pieces used by Lush cosmetics which are environmentally friendly and dissolve in water, they also stick to you if you lick the end of them. (another story). You could add really weird textures if you wanted.  

Pressies, add what ever you like. Hide them in the packing pieces.

Cut a hole in the lid of your box I have gone round the edge with sticky tape to make it tidy. Remember the hole needs to be large enough to get the pressie and the hand out.

On the inside attach your force field. It could be tissue, foil or anything you fancy I just attach it using sticky tape.
Go crazy and decorate, here its done with tape and pom poms, I also stuffed my pressie box to the gunnel with the coloured packaging so it will burst out all of the place as she searches for her gifts inside.