Semester 1 doesn't start until the 8th of Feb 2010. However i have still been asking myself what will I do? The starting point logically is where i left off in 2009 so to remind me and to introduce you to the work so far I have collected some images and notes of previous works.
leading up to the the last piece created in 2009 'Geppetos Workshop.'
'Gepettos Workshop'

Within this work I wanted to extend and better realise the consumer and society. How personal identities and ideologies can take form amid such profusion of symbols, signifiers and codes that we are surrounded by.

Its important for me to reflect on work I have already created, as my influences and inspiration come from not only a multitude of outside influences but from my own work.

Urban Intervention was a project to interact with the environment around us, I looked a recycling. 'As soon as something is purchased it becomes obsolete, as something newer better and smaller is on its way.' The plug project was looking at greywater and how it is polluted, within our waterways.