Its important for me to reflect on work I have already created, as my influences and inspiration come from not only a multitude of outside influences but from my own work.

Urban Intervention was a project to interact with the environment around us, I looked a recycling. 'As soon as something is purchased it becomes obsolete, as something newer better and smaller is on its way.' The plug project was looking at greywater and how it is polluted, within our waterways.

These collage and cut pieces (above), were looking at covers of the Mills and Boon novels and isolating the body gestures. I had been looking at reality and illusion, and are need to negotiate between actual experience and that which was mediated, or simulated, and our increasing comfort with situations that straddle the two, within this concept I was explored the notion of love.

More from the mills and boon series which led to my final work, 'Geppetos workshop'

Various workbook


My baby series was an environmental and consumer work once again investigating the conscious
consumer. Title:Ice Ice Baby