The  Suter Art Gallery Nelson 2010 showcasing the work of NMIT - Nelson Marlborough institute of Technology, see the link above for more pictures.

final work

I’m intrigued by materials linked to the consumer purchase, the residue of disposable components, which are used to transport and protect the objects of our desire.

We live in a society of mass production whose members have an unabated devotion to consumerism, accompanied by brief contentment, security, and a sense of identity, before something newer, and better comes our way.

Within my work I explore the possibility of using the discarded object as it may have dreamt of being.

 Using the tactical processes of bricolage[1] and braconnage,[2] I also consider the role of art, the everyday and the institution of the museum, employing humour, parody, and the absurd.

[1] The French word bricolage translates in English to Do-It-Yourself. within the visual arts bricolage is used to refer to the construction or creation of a work by the fitting together of parts and pieces in a contingent manner. The bricoleur uses a diverse range of everyday objects that happen to be available and may also refer to a work created by such a process. The materials of the bricoleur also play an important role in the creation of a work. Items are mostly recycled, found, or pilfered. Materials remain intact and recognizable, and not always related to the specific project, but bring with them their associated history of use. www.english.upenn.edu/~jenglish/Courses/mileaf.html. Retrieved March 15th 2010.
[2] Braconnage, (poaching) is a less simplistic than bricolage and is bound up in memories and successive knowledge fragments. Certeau describes Braconnage as “a kind of everyday magic, a tactical form of making do” Applin, J. (2008). Bric-a Brac; Art Journal. London: CAA Publications.




latest cube nearing the end, its still yet to be installed within its cube, however nothing is ever simple, and I still need to do a bit of tweeking as the walls are not as tightly knit together as I would like, the locks on the inside fell off tonight, and some lines are not straight, it photographs pretty well though.


Creating the cube...                                                                                                 to be continued

Kubik Installation in Berlin

Kubik Installation in Berlin


Loving this installation by rietveld landscape (ronald rietveld and erik rietveld) who have been invited by the netherlands architecture institute (NAI) 
to make a statement in the form of an installation about the potential of landscape architecture to contribute to 
resolving the major challenges facing society today.



imagine Beautiful drawing by eibatova karina


Project so far this is the model for the final larger piece. This cube measures 1.4m sq, the next cube will measure 2.4m sq.  

Polystyrene adventure

The end of the year is close, and my obsession of collecting and my Bricoler tendencies are starting to shine through.

In the present cont...

450 meters of christmas wrapping paper and lots of sticky tape later.

In the present

                                           materials: wrapping paper and cellotape

Originating from the northern hemisphere with many Christmases spent in Scotland. The festive season for me has always been cold, the days short, and the wrappings and decorations have invariably matched the outside veneer.

The work in this exhibition explores the Christmas phenomenon, as it emerges as the most promising candidate for the first global festival.

“In the present” considers Christmas in July. The name given to social events with a winter Christmas festival theme in the southern hemisphere,. Christmas in July highlights the dualities underlying the spirit of Christmas, and the resulting tensions between religious and secular, celebration and angst, and the relationship between Christmas and materialism.

It started with some glass jars

The Sketchbook Project: 2011


Semester 1 doesn't start until the 8th of Feb 2010. However i have still been asking myself what will I do? The starting point logically is where i left off in 2009 so to remind me and to introduce you to the work so far I have collected some images and notes of previous works.
leading up to the the last piece created in 2009 'Geppetos Workshop.'
'Gepettos Workshop'

Within this work I wanted to extend and better realise the consumer and society. How personal identities and ideologies can take form amid such profusion of symbols, signifiers and codes that we are surrounded by.

Its important for me to reflect on work I have already created, as my influences and inspiration come from not only a multitude of outside influences but from my own work.

Urban Intervention was a project to interact with the environment around us, I looked a recycling. 'As soon as something is purchased it becomes obsolete, as something newer better and smaller is on its way.' The plug project was looking at greywater and how it is polluted, within our waterways.