How to make a gift bow

Heres how... 


Bows and Curtseys

New Window Display made using recycled paper, hot glue and staples. 


Heady Rushes

I was just looking at my blog and was thinking I should post some of my own work again and although Im ferreting away immersed in paper mache and colour cards. Im not at the stage to be able to show and tell.

In the mean time here are two short films I made on a digital camera some time ago, 'Heady Rushes' and 'Wheat Free' (nee field of dreams). They remind me of summer. I love the sound and light on these two films, and how much fun I had making them in the fields and bog around where i lived in Scotland. 

'Heady Rushes'

'Wheat Free'

I made these well before art school, and the naivete` of these films is what makes them so charming I hope you enjoy them too.


Katie Bell

Despite having bookmarks and google reader bloglovin etc etc... It drives me truly crazy when I can't find something I have seen and love, hence for the last few hours Ive been tracking down Katie Bells work. So I am posting it straight away.


Katie also has a blog home work like the title love her work.




Anna J Illustraor/character

If you would like the chance to win this wonderful illustration by Nelson Anna check out her page
https://www.facebook.com/artbyaj and like.