Some Kind Of Eden

'Some Kind of Eden' is the resulting exhibition from a residency at the Refinery Gallery in Nelson NZ. The collaboration 2 Birds 1 Stone look forward to seeing you at our preview at 6pm Friday the 27th of April. The invitation is open to anyone who would love to join us.



Latin American artist Gertrude Goldschmid also known as Gego (1912–1994) produced a range of line-based abstract work, including drawings, prints, and wire sculptures. 

Martin Pfeifle


Aberdeen Art Gallery

Granite and the Gallery 
Aberdeen is unique in that the cityscape is created by over 200 years of using local granite for building. Aberdeen Art Gallery being one of the cites most beautiful granite buildings was designed by Architect A. Marshall Mackenzie. Granite columns within the entrance hall stand at 11 feet 6 inches high, each have a brass plaque at its base identifying the granite used (Kemnay, Corrennie, isle of Mull, Rora, Tillifourie, and Sclattie, to name a few). Very Impressive and easily missed if you were focused on the Jenny Saville, or Ken Currie.     

Charles Avery
Ok so this tiny picture below is the only one I could find of Charles Avery's untitled (men leading unridables). The absolute highlight of my trip to Aberdeen Art Gallery, and my first ever sighting of an actual Charles Avery (pencil and Goache on card 2007).

Tate London

Brazilian artist Helio Oiticia, greatly inspired.

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell

Scottish Colourist Painter

The best art work is often the show you didn't plan on attending Cadell's work was elegant and awe- inspiring I wish I had more of his portraits to show you.


Elizabeth Price


Angel of the North

Highlights of a trip

Peter Fischli and David Weiss

The Way Things Go, perhaps the best-known work by Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss, features a large kinetic sculpture. A variety of household objects and junk are powered using home-made chemical reactions, explosions and gravity to create an incredible 100 foot long chain reaction which is sustained for the 30 minute length of the film.
Using the banal stuff of daily life, The Way Things Go captures a witty and seemingly effortless chain of events. Without music or narrative, the viewer is forced to concentrate on the almost lifelike interaction between the objects themselves. An installation in which the artists are everywhere but also ironically absent, The Way Things Go creates a sense of suspense in which even the smallest and most mundane thing has a specific role to play. Whilst in a sense retaining their function - wheels roll and substances are poured from containers - commonplace objects are provided with new reference points.
Fischli and Weiss are based in Zurich and have been collaborating since 1979. Their work combines sculpture, photography and film.


1962 (Blue Paros) Ben Nicholson

Ron Mueck

Sol LeWitt

Karla Black

Nathan Coley

Martin Creed
Anthony Gormley