Julys Wild Tomato photo shoot

Photography Daniel Rose
Stylist Claire Ellery
Model Nadia Hylkema
Make up Claire Ellery 
Assistants Verity Morison and Kirsty Keen

This is the my last shoot for W/T, shot at Cable Bay Nelson NZ,  the plan is to move on to  more creative ideas still surrounding fashion but with more of an artistic input...cant wait.



Prize and Prestige

I have been reading 

The Economy of Prestige: Prizes, Awards, and the Circulation of Cultural Value James F English.

Looking at The Field of Cultural Production Pierre Bourdieu.  The Hollywood Highbrow: From Entertainment to Art . Revenge Of The Crystal selected Writings on the Modern Object and its Destiny, Jean Baudrillard.

Well... actually I have read the introductions and have been making art work which is more important,

Im still enjoying tape, drawing, rosettes, and geometric pattern. Heres the work so far...


Another use for sticky tape is dress up. Midnight and Magnolias play was on here at the Theatre Royal and preview night was dress up... so inspired by 'Gone With the Wind' I thought Rhett Butler would be the appropriate choice.

Julys Fashion mood board

I love cable knit balaclavas so my final job as stylist for the Wild Tomato winter issue had to include them. Next big thing I'd say...  heres my mood board images to follow

collaborative work for 2 Birds one stone during the refinery art residency


Our facebook page for the collaboration of  2 birds one stone. Im still playing with tape of various sizes, textures, and have been adding to my collection, I feel some great tape work afoot and will post more soon.