Eggs Benedict and A Jar Of Sunflower Seeds

Age is a wonderful thing...

I was fearless as a child, and now im truly soft core. One good thing is I now have a much better appreciation for food. Like many children I was an incredibly fussy eater. Today I still wont eat pork (bacon doesn't count), or anything with a face, real or imaginary. (including lamb neck chops). lol.

Im making up for time and on a personal mission to find the best eggs benedict as I can find. Yes eggs used to be on the list also.

My latest find is SHEINKIN cafe and restaurant 3 Lorne Street Auckland.

Ive been there twice now and I highly recommend it, great prices,  great food, fantastic service, and a central location,.
Its just down the road from Gow Langford. Talking of which...

I used to find dealer galleries to be daunting to enter, but galleries today are a lot more approachable. The staff at Gow Lanford are lovely and happy to have a blether.

I picked up the new catalogue a beautiful directory of what's on display, this glossy treasure is free and packed with info. It can also be viewed on line heres the link.


My favourtie Ai Weiwei Kui Hua Zi (sunflower seeds), 2009.
I like to think they were freshly scooped up off the floor from the Tate Turbine Hall, and put in a jar and sent to New Zealand.