Get up and Go and See this... 17 September - 23 October Tuesday-Sunday 11am -5pm

Nelson claims to be arty farty. (I have my own views on this marketing myth), yet the 'Shed'  is a stunner, housed in a Warehouse behind Guytons on Wakefield Quay, and organised by Rebecca Hamid of Nelson Sculpture Trust.

Im not sure if Im just in awe of the location, the warehouse is where customs store confiscated goods coming into the Nelson port. Its open space conjurs up images of drug hauls and the odd Rhino or illegal banana haul, not likely but I have a vivid imagination.  

I'm so delighted to see this exhibition in Nelson, an amalgamation of 'seven artists who challenge the dimension of jewellery and sculpture'.

This for me is what its all about, turn up, take it all in, experience something unique, and have a wee blether about art.

My favourites were Areta Wilkinson and her Stuffed Titi ( using parcel tape see below).
and Niki Hasting McFall's Waterfall - Papase'ea.

Niki Hasting McFall
Waterfall - Papase'ea 2011
Synthetic lei, cable ties, wood.
approx 8500mm height.

Joe Sheehan
Shit Creek 2009,
various river stones,plywood,stg silver

Joe Sheehan
Bulb, 2011
Jade, brass, electrical wiring, led bulb.

Jason Hall
Boundary 2007
Whitewash, pigment, polyurethane, charcoal

Areta Wilkinson
Stuffed Titi (Puffinus Griseeus,Sooty Shearwater, Muttonbird), 2006
Mixed media.