What ever you call them Wellington, Welly, Gumboot, Gummies or as i've heard my father refer to them as shitkickers... I LOVE THEM..

Ever since I could walk Ive had a pair, and on entering a shoe store as a child I would throw off my shoes  and try to leave wearing a much preferred pair of wellingtons.

Growing up In Scotland I wore Wellies often.
Now living New Zealand where they are called Gumboots 'Gummies'. I own a Cranberry coloured  pair of Hunter Wellies, which because I live in Sunny Nelson have little use for lately, until earlier this week...

It was just like Christmas time in Scotland, but no it was August in New Zealand, fantastic. 
                                              @ Hanmer Springs 2011
Oh and some of my most fun artwork, I made when I had first received my Hunters and chose to wear them in the sunshine anyway. (take a closer look).

My point is ...Well there isnt one, I just wanted to share along with sticky tape, my passion for the Welly. Or as I now refer to them 'Gummies'.

fashion images taken from http://www.hunter-boot.com/